Neck and Neck

Caroline:  You know, it can be really hard to shop when you’re not an average size.
Cynthia:  So true. And I think sometimes people forget that this affects jewelry shopping too.
Caroline:  Yes, it’s certainly not just clothes and shoes — it’s really hard for most consumers to picture what a piece of jewelry in their size would look like on them when it’s not in front of them!
Cynthia:  Necklaces are a great example. Too often it seems that they are produced in one size without an extender. If a woman wants to try it on and it doesn’t fit, it can be embarrassing.
Caroline:  Yes, it’s a problem. And one, that if not handled well, may cost a sale or even a customer!
Cynthia:  That’s right. And directing the customer to extremely long necklaces may not be the look she is going for. By the way, this problem arises not only with full-figured women but also with athletic women with highly developed necks.
Caroline:  Good point. It’s always smart to have a few longer chains on hand to showcase a pendant. Or a longer “neckpiece.” A jeweler doesn’t really have to stock a lot of these items, but enough so that a customer feels they have a choice or a jeweler who understands their fit problems.
Cynthia:  If a customer walks in and asks for a 20 inch necklace, the salesperson should know immediately if the store has anything that will fit.
Caroline:  Yes. Most stores carry chains in every conceivable length, so that part is easy. Finding a neckpiece or heavier link chain may be a bit harder and would be smart to have an item or two on hand for just this occasion.
Cynthia:  I’ve noticed that many jewelers also carry strands of pearls in a variety of lengths — that’s another nice option. Sometimes men’s or unisex jewelry provides a solution when more length is needed in a bracelet or necklace. Or a watch, for that matter!
Caroline:  Yes, I know I sold a longer bracelet or two to a woman that was actually a man’s! You’re certainly right about watches….so many are unisex anyway. 
Cynthia:  For a harder-to-fit customer this is the perfect time for a jeweler to highlight its custom design services. But a retailer is smart never to forget the power of instant gratification in producing sales.

Caroline: That’s our culture – we’re trained to want and expect instant gratification! Don’t forget that even the harder to fit customers want that too!


Today’s Jewel

Keep a few longer chains in stock – even better if they in your showcase and part of your regular inventory. Start out showing longer chains when appropriate. Offer a selection and make the sale! 

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