NCDIA Announces Membership Standards

The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) will be implementing new membership standards and compliance practices. All members will be required to sign and adhere to these standards and compliances in order to maintain membership within the association.

Disputes concerning noncompliance with NCDIA standards will be mediated by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

The commitments, which form the foundation and goals for NCDIA, are listed below. These values are accepted as basic by all sectors and at all levels of our industry.

In accordance with the new "standards for membership," NCDIA members must undertake to:

  • make reasonable efforts to educate self and staff on natural color diamond and Federal Trade Commission compliance;
  • comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the jewelry industry;
  • make accurate representations about the natural color diamond products you buy and the products you sell;
  • communicate to business partners your commitment to compliance with the law;
  • -esolve all customer complaints promptly and fairly.

The NCDIA also recommends:

  • each member organization maintain each of the NCDIA/JVC compliance publications at each of its business locations, readily accessible to all management and sales personnel.
  • management personnel make reasonable efforts to confirm that the NCDIA compliance publications (or their functional equivalents) have been read, and that each employee has committed to compliance with the law;
  • each member organization make reasonable efforts to conduct periodic training sessions on NCD compliance requirements pertinent to its business functions and products with emphasis on current or common problems related thereto, and with regular emphasis on accurate and fair representation and disclosures;
  • the member organization’s commitment to compliance be fully communicated to business partners.
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