NAJA Conference Coming in August

The 32nd annual Mid-Year Conference of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers will be held in San Diego Aug. 15–18, at the Town & Country Resort & Convention Center. 
The theme of the four-day educational conference is “Appraisers, Appraisals, Appraising!” 
Presentations will include “Appraisal Business Excellence,” Howard Rubin, GG; “Colored Diamonds: Valuing Treatments & Processes,” Sonny Pope; “Appraisals: What Insurers Really Want to Know,” Patricia Syvrud, GG; “Important Considerations for the Professional Appraiser,” Cos Altobelli, GG; “It’s Exotic Metals ? But Is It Worth Anything?” Teresa Shannon; “Appraising, Microscopy and Gems,” John Koivula, GG; “Provenance and the Appraisal,” Danusia Niklewicz, FGA, and William Whetstone; “GemGuide Appraisal Software,” Richard Drucker, GG; and “We Got Comps!”Gail Brett Levine, GG.
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