Mystery Stone: Chopard’s 85 Carat Diamond

Occasions that render people speechless generally involve
extremes—think tragedies, miracles, and unexplained happenings (UFOs and
ghosts). But when a jeweler secures a big, beautiful rock—as Swiss firm
Chopard told the media it did this week—then that would seem to be an opportune
time to speak at length about it.

Not Chopard. Its strategy: Don’t say a word.

The company issued a media release on Monday about an
85.28 ct. colorless emerald-cut diamond “of extreme purity matched by
sparkling whiteness”—like the legendary Koh-I-Noor from the Golconda mine in
India—that it now owns, but wouldn’t dish on much else.

chopard 85 ct diamond

Yummy! Chopard’s 85 ct. diamond


What was the total weight of the rough? Information not available

How many facets does the stone possess? Information not available

What mine is this diamond from? These
kind of stones historically originate from the Indian mines of Golconda.

What is the retail price? Upon request

Editor’s note: These are the company’s actual responses.

 chopard 85 ct diamond

Finished piece possibilities for the stone

“The extreme whiteness and clarity of the stone acquired by Chopard
places it in the IIA class, an extremely rare and pure category
accounting for
approximately 1 percent of all diamonds,” states the press

We also know that the stone is available for purchase, and a
finished piece of jewelry will be crafted with the purchaser’s input.

And I suppose, if you have to ask some of the above questions…sigh. Indulge us, Chopard—give us a little more info.

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