The Shades of Mykonos Collection by Honor Omano

I visited Mykonos once—it was a stop on a Greek island cruise we took, six years ago now (I was surprised to realize that much time has passed).

While we didn’t spend enough time on the island to really settle in and develop a relationship with it, it certainly left its impression. I remember two things the most vividly: It was very windy, and its colors were utterly beautiful.

Whitewashed buildings were painted with accents of blue, radiant rainbow shades decorated some shops and restaurants, and a display of character reflected from the cobblestone streets.

For Greek jeweler Honor Omano, the colors of this place are inspiring, too. Those hues are celebrated through the new Shades of Mykonos collection.

Honor Omano Shades of Mykonos collection
Shades of Mykonos collection in yellow and white gold with enamel, blue topaz, and amethyst, prices on request

With hand-painted enamel and colored gemstones, we’re treated to a selection of pieces (I snapped pictures of the rings and pendants only) that positively pop with saturated shades. When I visited Honor Omano in the Greek @ Luxury pavilion, the rings immediately jumped out of the showcase. I was struck by the dark blue enamel and topaz combination most of all and couldn’t get them on my fingers fast enough.

Honor Omano is designed and produced in Athens, Greece, with jeweler Manos Honor at the helm. Honor comes from a family of jewelers, cut his diamond-grading teeth at the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, and spent his time between London and Athens before creating his brand, which today offers a wide range of really fabulous, fashion-forward jewels.

With retail prices between $600 and $900, this is a pretty good score for a self-purchase (now why didn’t I think of that at the time?), and the various shapes and styles of the collection make them perfect for stacking, layering—and collecting!

You can learn more about this collection and the other offerings from Honor Omano at

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