My Valentine

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, a big time for couples and jewelers everywhere. Sans boyfriend this year, I decided to treat myself to a piece of jewelry- a two-toned anchor necklace by our winter Luxury coverboy, the fabulous Alexis Bittar. I love the symbol, its day to night versatility, and its ability to match with both silver and gold jewelry. I’m just now remembering Senior Copy Editor Toni Rumore’s blog about the growing popularity of the anchor (I’m so instinctively trendy! She even links to an anchor by Bittar, but it’s not the same one I bought). I also like the price of my piece- enough to feel like a significant buy for me, but not nearly enough to break the bank.

Many object to the commercialism tied to holidays like this one. When I told my mother about my purchase, explaining proudly that it was my version of participating in the right hand ring/female self-purchasing movements, she said something to playfully insinuate that, after submersing myself in the jewelry world for a couple years, I had “bought into the hype.” I understand why she said this; I have a feeling that I would not have splurged on jewelry if I wasn’t working for JCK; however, I don’t feel brainwashed, but like I “get” the jewelry culture (those who make it, sell it, and just love it) as I did not before.

Jewelry is, fundamentally and at any price, a luxury, a fashion item with not even a loose tie to survival (clothes keep you warm, a bag carries tools, etc.). This is why some view it as unnecessary- a concept that marketing teams work diligently to counter-argue, of course- but why others- myself now included- see it as one of the few pure, simple, art-for-art’s-sake pleasures available to us.

Perhaps my bejeweled anchor will one day help secure a mini boat. Until then, I wear it simply because, well, it’s pretty- and sometimes that’s the perfect reason.

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