Must Have: The Short Trench

I thought of titling this post “Global Warming Denial Is So Over,” but I thought that was bit heavy-handed.

Regardless, of whether the weather is good or whether the weather is not, the streets are packed with a confused public without a wardrobe.

Schizophrenic as she may be, we love her, but Mother Nature has duped many who packed away their fancy kulats, pumps & ironic, graphic-tees in favor of sweaters, wool coats & the ever fashionable rain boot.

We’ve all been there … you’re either stuck in your wool coat & sweater, doing just that, on your walk to work, or you’re caught donning the timeless no-no, goose-flesh.

Solution: The Short Trench!
Pictured: Short Trench by Rachel Roy

The key here is to make it your own, so don’t run to your closets & chop up your current trench, splurge for something a little edgier with an interesting drape or non-traditional belt strappings.

Here’s your opportunity to showcase that amazing brooch that you always felt was too big to wear on a daily basis.

Who says you can’t look chic while braving the elements?

Bacilio’s Buyer Beware:
We may be in an unseasonably hot spell at the moment, but you should keep your down-coats on deck, you never know.