Must Have: Stephen Webster

Although he grew up in the unfortunately grim-named town of Gravesend, near London, Stephen Webster has been building a flock of glitzy clientele since he started his first studio in 1980. The muses of his famously edgy designs run the gamut from 1940s Hollywood femme fatales to the tribal tattoos of Borneo. A self-proclaimed magpie, Webster is also a collector of accolades—he has won the UK Luxury Jeweller of the Year and Jewellry Designer of the Year awards four times. (Source)

Well, I personally try to avoid anything that reminds me of Moby Dick and/or Queequegesque tattoos (though I have a tattoo myself), but the piece that I have selected for this installment of Must Have is more in the 1940s Hollywood femme fatale realm

Seriously though, this piece by Stephen Webster is chilling and can really only be rivaled by the eyes of a few russian supermodels.

Product Info:
From the Crystal Haze Classical Collection the piece is quartz and turquoise with diamond borders (1.03 total carat weight) in an18k white gold setting. Fits 6 3/4″ to 7 1/2″ wrists.

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Contact Information: 
New York, NY
Phone: (212) 226-6160

Stephen Webster

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