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The United States Patent and Trademark Office has officially granted Patent No. D544,389 to Sonya Ooten for the design of her signature metal crochet earrings commonly known as Sonya Ooten’s “Cosmos” earrings. A copy of the patent may be viewed here

This United States Patent grants to Sonya Ooten the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the patented design throughout the United States of America, or importing the design into the United States of America for the term of fourteen years from the date of grant of this patent, June 12, 2007.

Sonya Ooten’s design patent application had been pending for nearly three years as part of her ongoing effort to protect her signature designs from being copied by other designers and manufacturers. When Sonya Ooten first began creating jewelry in 1997 no market for metal crocheted jewelry and components existed. Now, in 2007 it has been fully embraced by the marketplace and fine jewelry collectors worldwide. Sonya Ooten’s crocheted designs have been sold globally in fine jewelry stores including Barneys New York, Barneys Japan, Mitchells of Westport and Stanley Korshak in Dallas.

Today Sonya Ooten has over a dozen copyrights and patents on her signature designs and has a utility patent pending on her signature metal crochet jewelry process. The metal crochet “Cosmos” earrings protected under this patent are one of Sonya Ooten’s most popular designs having sold thousands of units worldwide. The gold “Cosmos”come in virtually all colored gemstones and pearls at a retail pricepoint of $535 to $4500.

These earrings are currently available at Barneys New York department stores and only the most reputable independent stores such as Mitchells of Westport, Stanley Korshak in Dallas and Sonya Ooten Gem Bar in Los Angeles. (source)

Product Info
14k yellow gold hand-crocheted Mini-Cosmo with one large pearl drop. Shown in White Pearl with White Pearl drop. Hangs approx. 1.25″ from earwire. (source)

Also available in Amethyst / Light Grey Pearl Drop, Apatite / Light Grey Pearl Drop, Brown Pearl / Brown Pearl Drop, Grey Pearl / Grey Pearl Drop, and Pink Pearl / Pink Pearl Drop.

Suggested Retail Price

Contact Information 
Los Angeles
Phone: (323) 462-4453

Sonya Ooten Gem Bar

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