Multiple Earrings of Essentially the Same Style

by Caroline Stanley

Can one woman have a lot of similar styles and make them work for her jewelry — and clothing — wardrobe?

The answer is yes, at least for me.

I have a confession to make. I have a lot of diamond hoop earrings. A LOT.

Ok, so it’s only six or seven pairs. Probably a lot.

Some are hoops that are small. Some larger. Some really large. Some have the circles facing forward. Some are the hinged type that open at the top for a post and a back.

They all serve separate purposes, really. Some are great for every-day wear. Some are great depending on how I wear my hair. Some are perfect depending on the outfit.

I would never, ever have thought that I’d have so many similar pairs and would probably have laughed if someone had predicted that.

Instead, they all have their own personality and I wear them appropriately.

Today’s Jewel
Don’t let the fact that a customer has a piece of jewelry keep you from showing her similar styles. She might love the new ones and want to keep both pairs, as they may serve separate purposes for her.