More on GIA Axing Clients for HPHT Non-Disclosure

We have gotten a variety of interesting reactions to our story yesterday on GIA cutting off clients for HPHT non-disclosure. But one point the Institute wanted made clear, in response to one of the comments we got, is this isn’t happening to just any client. Here is the GIA’s statement on this:

Part of GIA’s mission is to protect the public by
identifying treated stones. GIA understands that some clients may unknowingly
send HPHT-treated stones to our labs for identification and grading, and does
not penalize these individuals. GIA’s policy to discontinue business with
clients applies only to firms that repeatedly and intentionally submit
HPHT-treated stones (or the same treated stone multiple times). GIA also discloses
the names of the offenders to the World Federation of Diamond
Bourses (WFDB) and International Diamond Manufacturers


UPDATE: GIA also points readers to the following websites:

Disclosing Treated or Synthetic Gem Material When Submitting Stones to GIA for Service.

How to Submit Gems. 

–  What if (or I am unsure whether) gem material has been treated or is a product of gem synthesis?

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