More About Add-On Sales

Is it time to expand your thinking about add-on sales? For the next month wedding ring sales will be very important to many jewelry stores. How might an engagement ring sale create add-on sales? The most important fashion statement
of a bride is her dress.  The second most important fashion statement is her necklace. How might sales associates be trained to earn the right to make a presentation for her wedding necklace? Sure some brides won’t be interested
because of tradition, etc., but how many might be? What wedding party jewelry might create add-on sales? Does your store have any great photographs of wedding parties with bridesmaids all wearing matching jewelry gifts from the bride?

Now is the time to get the creative juices flowing by identifying more options for sales associates to consider for each category of jewelry the store offers. The transition from closer of the first item back to consultant for the sale of
an add-on item can be fraught with resistance . . . including rejection. How can management better train sales associates to know how to probe shoppers to better position suggested add-on sale items? Remember, add on sales have to be earned and preplanning sales strategies for add-on sales can be very rewarding. Jewelry salespeople change the behaviors of shoppers into buyers . . . on item at a time or one multiple purchase at a time. The choice is yours!

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