Monetize Your Red Jewelry Inventory

The dictionary refers to monetize as the ability to convert into currency. Now is the time to monetize any jewelry in red into holiday sales. How are you planning to display jewelry that is red in color to maximize exposure with Valentine shoppers? It is too easy to create a display of jewelry that feels disparate to shoppers because the items displayed together don’t feel like they belong together. This can create a feeling of confusion on the part of shoppers. Displays have to look right and feel right to effectively engage shoppers. Items that don’t match or complement one another can cause shoppers to glance over the inventory in search of more visually appealing displays.

How can red jewelry be displayed? Consider items that are made of the same metals or have the same approach to design or are made to be functionally worn in a similar manner. Not all red rings will complement one another. Rings with
large stones may convey a different style than rings with smaller stones and multiple stone settings. There are different hues of red that may complement or contrast. There are times when smaller trays of rings make more sense to use. Don’t just group all red rings in a tray because that’s how many the tray would hold or we always use that size tray in that display. Use smaller trays of like items and see how shoppers are more attracted to the items because the presentation is more appealing.

Now is the time to take those red items out of the “clearance or aged inventory” display and display them more predominately. You may surprise yourself how shoppers will respond more favorably to these items when the item is displayed more complementarily. Holidays bring in a range of jewelry shoppers; from heavy buyers who purchase jewelry multiple times during a year to those customers who only make a jewelry purchase periodically. Appeal to the later shoppers with red jewelry that may be aged, but is heightened in its presentation through more prominent display positioning.

Merchandise your red inventory for holiday monetization through more creative merchandising. Now is the time to create those special displays and move more red jewelry. Hearts are another example of items that have a special appeal at
Valentines. Just don’t assume that all red jewelry or all heart shaped jewelry is complementary. Create more areas of emphasis by displaying smaller groups of similar jewelry and watch your ability to monetize your inventory into currency
improve this Valentine selling season.

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