Moissanite Ad Campaign Set to Launch

Charles & Colvard created Moissanite will launch an International advertising campaign designed to stimulate women to purchase moissanite as a reward for the milestone moments in their lives. 

Designed and created by Charles & Colvard, Ltd., the new campaign will be launched in the November issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines throughout the U.S. including People, InStyle, Us Weekly, and O’ The Oprah Magazine. It is also being translated into different languages and will be launched worldwide.

The advertisements for the campaign vary by publication to feature select moissanite retailers such as JCPenney, Helzberg, Kohl’s, Boscov’s, Belks, and Macy’s as well as various new moissanite product styles including a buckle ring and a pair of 3-ct. martini stud earrings. The campaign will run through December 2008 and will be supplemented with in-mall messaging and billboard advertising.

Charles & Colvard research provided insight that led to the campaign’s creative element that specifically targets female consumers. The research shows that moissanite’s beauty and price point continues to appeal to the self-purchasing woman. A total of 78 percent of moissanite buyers are women and 71 percent of moissanite purchases are self-gifts, according to the research.

The advertising campaign aims to excite and entice women to purchase moissanite throughout the year as a reward for the milestone moments in their lives. Additionally, the new copy focuses the reader on moissanite’s superior visual properties of fire and brilliance.

“Charles & Colvard, Ltd. continues to focus on the self-purchasing woman when positioning moissanite in the marketplace because it continues to fill the marketing niche called ‘reward for achievement’ like no other jewel can” said Bob Thomas, CEO of Charles & Colvard, Ltd.  “We believe this campaign will not only raise awareness for moissanite’s exceptional fire and brilliance, but also re-introduce its overall affordability for women everywhere.”