MJSA members can use FedEx DVX system at discounted rates

Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America, in agreement with FedEx Express, is offering its members FedEx’s new “DVX” tracking system for high-value shipments at a sizeable discount.  

It is the first time that FedEx has offered DVX (“Declared Value Exception Service”) to a national jewelry industry association, although some 600 individual companies (jewelers, manufacturers, gem dealers, among others) now use it. 

The new program offers MJSA members substantial savings on overnight shipping of packages valued at up to $50,000. MJSA members are charged 20 cents per $100 of value, which is 33% off the standard rate of 30 cents per $100. 

The new program can save MJSA members “thousands of dollars,” says James F. Marquart, MJSA president and chief executive officer. “It also meets our members need to transport their valuable products safely.” 

The FedEx DVX system combines state-of-the-art security and tracking capabilities. Its Insight tracking system, for example, “can track a package in real time from the moment is leaves the shop to the moment it arrives at its destination, so that every stop along the way, FedEx knows exactly where it is,” says Marquart. 

The DVX system also allow for third-party tracking, which is useful to jewelers who ship goods to outside sales representatives. 

The DVX system is fully automated, meaning less shipping and insurance paperwork, and enables users to generate shipping labels (including declared value) online or through an in-house computer. In addition, FedEx uses a “zone-based” pricing plan, which can  mean 20% to 40% discounts on shipping costs. (MJSA members will be given a zone locator, customized to their particular area to use in verifying shipping costs.) 

In addition to covering up to $50,000 in overnight shipping, the service also covers up to $10,000 for second-day air and up to $5,000 for three-day. 

As an added benefit, MJSA members will also see a discount of up to 45% on standard rates for all other FedEx freight services.

Contact Brenda Gamba, MJSA director of member services, at (800) 444-6572 or e-mail bgamba@mjsainc.com.

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