MJSA Announces Vegas At the Bench Live Sessions

MJSA announced its line-up for its At the Bench Live
demonstrations at JCK Las Vegas.

Ann Cahoon, owner of Flying Marquis Studio in the Greater Boston area,
will present “Using Handmade Chain in Custom Designs,” which will focus on
techniques for personalizing designs through handcrafted chain, on June 4.

Cahoon will present that same day “Mythbusters: Challenging
Tradition at the Bench,” which will focus on accepted bench procedures for
everything from tool selection and equipment maintenance to safety precautions.

Joel McFadden, owner of JMD Custom Jewelry in Red Bank, N.J., will present “New Techniques for Setting Princess-Cut Diamonds” on June 5. He will demonstrate a simplified processs that reduces stress and ensures the stone’s points remain unharmed. He will also present “Tips for Finishing and Pre-Finishing Jewelry” the same day.

Jim Tuttle, owner of Seattle-based Green Lake Jewelry Works,
will offer a two-part series combining handwork with CAD modeling on June 6.
“CAD at the Bench: Tips and Trick, Part 1” and “Advanced CAD at the Bench: Tips
and Tricks, Part 2” will show how the combination can speed production and lead
to finely crafted pieces unattainable through handwork alone.

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