MJSA Announces “100% Green” Expo

Constellation Energy
announced March 7 that it will supply Green-e Energy certified renewable energy
certificates from wind energy facilities to MJSA Expo New York on March 13–15.

“We are excited to announce
our first 100 percent Green Expo and promote renewable energy certificates to
MJSA members,” said David Cochran, president and chief executive officer of
MJSA, in a statement. “RECs are an easy way for businesses to support renewable
energy generation and demonstrate a commitment to operate in an environmentally
responsible manner.”

An REC represents the
environmental benefits of electricity generated by wind, solar, or other
renewable power facilities. By matching the electricity used at this MJSA event
with RECs, Constellation avoids 279,713 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

MJSA announced last month
that it had selected Constellation Energy as the endorsed energy supplier for
MJSA’s 1,500 members.

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