MJSA 2009 Thinking Ahead Award ( Part 2)


Like many other technology products for the savvy techno-jeweler, the winner of this year’s MJSA “Thinking Ahead” Award was developed as a cross-over product with the input and guidance of experts in our industry.

The Dazor SpecFINDER HD is a digital microscope with a built in CPU and LCD screen that is perfectly suited for documentation of gemstones and fine jewelry. The range of magnification from 1X to 90X and adjustable lighting allow the user to save high resolution images ( 1280 x 1024 ) from nearly every angle of view. The new device makes documentation of appraisals a mere click of button. No more pencil plotting of what an inclusion might look like, with this technology you KNOW and better yet so does your customer. The SpecFINDER HD also has an ingenious vacuum assisted stone holder that does not impair the full quality of the image. It can be connected to VGA monitors and networked to computers ( USB or Ethernet ) throughout your lab.


The SpecFINDER HD can also serve other areas of our industry with high resolution digital images of precious metal defects, CAD/CAM patterns, even documenting repair jobs as they come into your store. Here at my lab, we have several digital cameras and microscopes that I bought as state of the art over the years. I am thinking now they are all bound for E-Bay so I can get just one simple HD device…. Maybe Santa will bring me a SpecFINDER HD ….

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