Mint Diamonds Debuts a Guy’s Guide to Buying a Diamond Ring

Houston-based jewelry retailer Mint Diamonds has cooked up a cute way to usher grooms-to-be through the ring-buying process.

The retailer’s 8 Step Guidea beautifully designed, clickable mini-manual that lives on the company’s website—starts with the topic of setting your budget and ends with a section on “Care & Maintenance.”

Stuffed in between those topics exists a raft of tips on things like selecting a diamond, picking out a style she’ll love, and how to insure a ring.

Nick Miller, CEO of Mint Diamonds, says guys are coming to ring-buying inherently disadvantaged: “Most women would never listen to their husbands’ fashion advice,” he says, “and yet these same guys are tasked with picking out the most important piece of jewelry she’ll wear. No pressure!”

Mint Diamonds 8 Step Guide for guys
The landing page for Mint Diamonds’ 8 Step Guide

The guide also provides easy-to-navigate pathways for men (or anyone) to customize a ring, through elements such as setting, metal type, and stone selection.

The guide is a genuinely helpful piece of edu-marketing and one that meets several needs for consumers. It’s online, so it’s accessible on a phone screen. It’s thoughtfully designed and easy to navigate, and it’s actually useful—there’s a graphic showing the many parts of a ring, and a budget calculator to help consumers figure out what they can afford in a monthly payment.

It’s brief, not overwhelming—which ultimately makes it a pleasure to read.

(Illustrations courtesy of Mint Diamonds)


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