Million-Dollar Diamond Top Unveiled During Milan Fashion Week

Milan fashion week, an event already firmly associated with glitz and glamour, became downright dazzling on Friday as a $1.3 million diamond-studded outfit graced the runway during the event’s final day.

The outfit was created by world renowned fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré in a joint effort with diamond company Dalumi. It concluded Ferré’s women’s collection for fall/winter 2007/2008.

More than 900 diamonds weighing more than 300 cts. lined a black top made of a sheer fabric. It was matched with black tuxedo pants and a black silk cape. Modeling the outfit was British rock singer Skin.

Dalumi said the diamond top will have a life beyond the runway as it will be on display at various events and actually worn on some occasions.

“We are particularly proud of this project with Gianfranco Ferré,” says Yuval Kemp, Dalumi Marketing & Business Development director. “Thanks to the sum total of our know-how and technologies, his design talents and creativity, we’ve produced something really unique and amazing, definitely able to make a lasting, irresistible, even inspirational impression.”

“Involving diamonds in the design process to this extent means creating pure beauty, capturing sense of mystery, magic, dream dimension.” added Gianfranco Ferré. “Working so with such an important ‘raw material’ gave me a clearly superlative chance to express my creativity. Seeking equipoise between the wealth of the diamonds and the sensation of lightness I wanted for my top, I had the preciousness of the gems define the creation’s very soul, the essence of its identity.”

Gianfranco Ferrè entrusted a very small team of individuals concentrated exclusively on the top. One embroiderer was charged with hand-sewing the diamonds one by one onto the cut fabric.