Miley Cyrus, My Achy Breaky Heart Goes Out to You

I say that because everyone (and by everyone I mean the people on those mean spirited “I-know-everything-about-fashion” tv shows) hated what she wore, but seemed to make it very personal. 

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images via

To paraphrase:
“She looks fifty years old, why would someone put such a young beautiful girl in Valentino? And garnet? My grandmother wears garnet. Give the girl some diamonds.”
“Oh, but it is Valentino ready to wear.”
“Ah, well that’s a different story ….”

No, that’s ridiculous.

[So what makes you an authority, Bacilio, you write for a jewelry magazine?]

Good point. I do get down on the red carpet outfits sometimes, but I always try to say something positive and try to make it clear that I am just offering my opinion, while certain people just seem to have nothing nice to say just to get a laugh and a few more points in the ratings.

I would also hope that if anyone disagreed with me, and many have, that they would say so in the comment box (which I love, please continue to join the conversation!). 

Okay, enough of my preaching / venting about tv fashionista personalities.

I thought that Miley looked adorable, and honestly I like that she wore garnet rather than lots of diamonds. She has years of red carpets ahead of her and I think that the Neil Lane garnet and yellow gold earrings suit her, though they may be a little too long. 

Baby steps Miley, baby steps. 

One point I will condede, however, is that Miley does need to stop pursing her lips and posing open-mouthed for the camera, that’s the first step down a road she doesn’t want to follow.

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