Meg Ryan, Keifer Sutherland star in new Baume & Mercier ads

Movie stars Meg Ryan and Keifer Sutherland are the new faces of Swiss luxury watch brand Baume & Mercier in its newest international ad campaign (“Baume & Mercier & Me”), launched in September, with a focus on charity support. This is the first time Baume & Mercier has partnered with celebrities in their advertising and to represent the brand.

“Although their level of international celebriety was a strong consideration, Baume & Mercier wished to associate itself with stars that share the same values as the brand,” said a Baume & Mercier US spokesperson Stacy Forgang. “Meg Ryan represents spontaneity and natural elegance while Kiefer Sutherland is appreciated for his humility and strength of character.”

The new campaign also has a charitable side: it supports humanitarian causes close to Ryan and Mr. Sutherland. Those include the education of underprivileged children, the fight against cancer and the protection of the environment. “The notion of caring for others also brought the brand and the two stars together,” said Forgang. All of their royalties from the campaign are being donated directly to these charity organizations:

* Youth I.N.C., which helps improve the management and fundraising capacities of existing associations helping children and adolescents.

* Doctors without Borders, which provides rapid and effective aid worldwide in public health emergencies.

* Prostate Cancer Foundation, dedicated to research and development of treatments and cures for this illness.

* GLAZA, Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, which seeks to stimulate child development through the animal world and to create awareness of environmental preservation and protection.

* Hollywood Entertainment Museum, which seeks to make the cinematographic world easily accessible to the general public.