Maya Brenner Gets Metaphysical With Beyond Yoga

On Tuesday night, press and influencers attended an event to fete a new legging collection from the athleisure brand Beyond Yoga, which launched in tandem with a companion jewelry capsule created by jewelry designer Maya Brenner.

Brenner, a celebrity favorite, is best known for her States line (earlier this year, we reported on her participation in efforts to help those affected by the mudslides in Montecito, Calif., through sales of her California necklace) but turned to celestial imagery to complement the design of Beyond Yoga’s new zodiac-inspired leggings. A unique cosmos motif, done in iridescent foil applied to a space-dyed knit, distinguishes each astrological sign.

Beyond Yoga zodiac leggingsTaurus leggings (left) and Capricorn leggings, $97 each, Beyond Yoga

“We’ve been longtime friends of the Beyond Yoga brand and loved this fun project,” Brenner said in a prepared statement. “Personalization is a big part of my brand, so I was immediately drawn to the Zodiac collection. It gave me such great inspiration to design the jewelry collection around.”

The result is a small but appealing, and very well-priced, group of pieces (less than the leggings, we have to point out)  in gold vermeil or silver and moonstones, the perfect gem for modern mystics and those who groove on the metaphysical world (as well as working out).

Maya Brenner stud trioCelestial Stud Triplet in gold vermeil, $78; Maya Brenner for Beyond Yoga

Maya Brenner crescent moon necklaceAsymmetrical Crescent Moon necklace in gold vermeil, $88; Maya Brenner for Beyond Yoga

Maya Brenner moonstone studsMoonstone studs in gold vermeil, $78; Maya Brenner for Beyond Yoga

Both brands are based in Los Angeles but decided to hold the launch in New York City, where the event space was designed to look like one of the city’s innumerable tarot card–reading salons, complete with neon signs and bohemian hassocks and fabrics. In keeping with theme, guests were treated to tarot card and palm readings and custom astrological charts.

Maya Brenner for Beyond yoga event

The Beyond Yoga event highlighted the new Zodiac collection leggings and Maya Brenner companion jewelry capsule (photos by Robert Gulatta).

Beyond Yoga also set up a limited-time “astrology hotline” providing callers with a discount code.

Top: Maya Brenner was inspired by Beyond Yoga’s zodiac-themed  designs.

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