Martin Flyer Unveils New Brand Campaign

Jewelry manufacturer Martin Flyer has launched a new advertising and multimedia campaign for its FlyerFit bridal collection.

The New York City-based company said in a statement that it will execute new branding initiatives as a part of a larger growth strategy to become the number one selling bridal jewelry brand in the U.S.

Through a special trademarked design, FlyerFit sets fit perfectly together in unison, eliminating the gap that normally exists between the two rings. Under the new slogan, “When Two Become One,” the new campaign for FlyerFit will reflect the concept behind the brand.

“We have re-envisioned every aspect of the FlyerFit™ brand to create consistent messaging and brand synergy,” said Joshua Kaufman, Martin Flyer chief executive officer. “From point of sale in-store displays, to a new print advertising, web campaign and customer catalogue, all FlyerFit materials reflect the ‘When Two Become One’ campaign theme.

In addition to its FlyerFit Classic line, Martin Flyer will launch two new collections under FlyerFit brand—FlyerFit Vintage, an antique jewelry inspired line, and FlyerFit for Him, a line of wedding bands for men. The new collections will debut in February at the Centurion trade show in Tucson.

In conjunction with new branding initiatives for FlyerFit, Martin Flyer will additionally focus on the expansion of its Classic Martin Flyer collection of fashion-inspired diamond jewelry, including all handmade bracelets, earrings, custom necklaces and rings.

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