Marketing Your Special Sizes

This blog by Caroline Stanley.

We’ve talked a lot over the past week about customers who are not the “stock” size and how you can deal effectively with that in your store.

You can start with a few pieces if you like, or segment the special sizes (like in Cynthia’s blog), this is a good conceptual term to use, but perhaps not a practical one) into one showcase.

If you’re starting small, you must ensure that your salespeople know where the special sizes are located throughout your store and how they are different (larger, smaller, etc.) from your regular stock. If you have enough in one category, consider color coding your displays so that your sales associates — and eventually your customers — can find and sell them easily.

Also consider marketing any special sizes you carry so you can increase sales to those customers. Two ideas as a starting place, after you have the stock in hand to start selling.

1. Thoughtfully name your new “department” (if it is one and not just a few pieces) and promote it in press releases, ads, website, newsletter, etc. Get the word out! Let the public know you have jewelry for your target market(s) or specialize in a particular niche market, using a nice amount of tact and diplomacy, of course.

2. Advertise your name in the right markets, in local plus size and petite shops (appropriate to your stock), corresponding publications or online. Let those who can’t usually find jewelry that fits that YOUR store is the place to shop!

Today’s Jewel
Have special sizes on hand and then get the word out! Consider a few pieces or a department and let your customers know your store is THE place to shop!

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