Marketing Watch: Speaking Bespoke Jewelry

If you create and sell your own custom jewelry designs, you will no doubt be interested in this tidbit from the February 2009 issue of Vogue magazine, which may give you a fresh idea for marketing your custom jewelry design services:


“One used to have to travel to London for bespoke Erickson Beamon. But ever since Michelle Obama ordered custom brooches through Ikram [a high-end women’s clothing boutique] in Chicago,” reports the magazine, customers have “commissioned pieces” from the designer’s New York store and studio, Beyond 7.




The article is illustrated with the photograph of a stack of custom bracelets “like those ordered by Kate Moss,” a portion of which are shown above.


There’s a certain cache to using the British terminology. I’m familiar with the concept of bespoke relative to fine men’s suits, but I wondered at the technical correctness of calling a custom-ordered brooch or bracelet “bespoke.” Nevertheless, a quick search of the Internet apparently confirms that this is indeed the British term for custom pieces.


If the concept of bespoke jewelry just might tickle the fancy of your American customers, consider having as a special event, a tea at which to showcase your jewellery designs and to promote your customers’ commission of their very own bespoke jewels.