Market Report & Update!! Mikimoto Pearls, Padma Lakshmi, Nina Basharova


This week I chatted with a few designers who gave JCK the skinny on new lines.


Yesterday, Carrie and I met up had a visit with Mikimoto associates who showed us several new collections—and I apologize because I didn’t have my camera with me, oops!


But, highlights included new endless Akoya pearl strands at—get this—100 inches and 150 inches. Wow!! Can you imagine how long it took to knot those? I know how to knot pearls, and I can’t even imagine. 

The 100-inch strand commemorates the 10th anniversary of Mikimoto’s store in Vegas, and the 150-inch strand marks the 15th anniversary of the New York store.


Tumbled purple sapphires compliment pearls in some new styles, while the Conch collection highlights 

UPDATE: Thanks to my new friend, Jeremy Shepherd of, who reads our Style 360 blog, I have a correct blurb on the origin of Conch pearls. Shepherd says, “Conch pearls do not grow in oysters. They grow in the Strombus gigas, or conch. They do not grow in the digestive track, they grow between the mantle and the shell.” 

Conch Pearls

Also, variations of the Tin Cup necklace feature long strands of chain and sections of graduated in size pearls (I loved these, so pretty and will never go out of style). A variety of gold and pearl hoop earrings were unveiled (I do have one photo of these on this page). 

New hoop earrings from Mikimoto

Other couture pieces featured huge gorgeous baroque pearls and diamonds, the styles harmonizing with the natural shape of the pearls. Finally, another new collection features asymmetric designs, diamonds, and pearls, and is under wraps until May (so I wouldn’t have been allowed to show you pictures of this collection, anyway).


I also caught up with Nina Basharova on the phone, and she’s putting the finishing touches on a number of new pieces, including hoop earrings for her Pod collection, which is so cool: Sterling or 18k gold pods in bangle bracelet, ring, and pendant form feature stationed openings that reveal gemstone ‘peas’.




Finally, JCK reached out to Padma Lakshmi, who is unveiling her first-ever jewelry collection this spring. The line is scheduled to go into Bergdorf Goodman, according to her web site, and the designs are delicate, feminine, and made in oh-so-affordable 10k and 14k yellow gold. 

Lakshmi has some exclusive press coverage due out in the spring, according to her publicist, so at least for now, we couldn’t coax her into chatting with us, but, being persistent, we may try again. J


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