Marc Jacobs: noihsaF sdrawkcaB ylurT (Truly Backwards Fashion)

Now, there has been a lot of stuff being said about Marc Jacobs in the media lately, but I still love him.

Marc’s show at the Lexington Avenue Armory started a bit late (11pm), much to the chagrin of his adoring public, and was quite the backwards show. Here’s a quick and dirty run-down …

Marc Jacobs began his show with his final bow; tragic foreshadowing? Some would say so; not I. (Photo by IMAXTREE)

All the chatter (not really, but quite a bit) has been focused on the heels shown above, which honestly I think were not the most interesting pieces in the collection. (Photos: via Cuffington)

Model Bobbi Wiens during the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. I know, I know, I just had to sneak in one look from the other show. (AP Photo/Jason DeCrow)

Upside down hat aside, I truly enjoyed the bow motif throughout the Marc by Marc and Marc Jacobs collections. The color combinations are just so youthful and crisp that you can’t argue with the eye he has for the use of unconventional palettes. (AP Photo/Stuart Ramson)

This shot of Romina Lanaro’s bottom half  has so much going on to rave about. A daring choice of color for the pump; the slamming together of a quilted purse and a see-through shopper; the classic fancy kulat; and the slouched glove are all the kind of cleanly designed wackiness we’ve come to expect (and love) from Marc. (AP Photo/Stephen Chernin)

This dress, worn by Jourdan Dunn, immediately reminded me of the Vince Ward film What Dreams May Come. Who, but Marc Jacobs, could get away with having flowers weeping away their color, on their models, on their Spring line? (Photo by Marcio Madeira)

Bows, looks 56 to1, celebrities, and Ravel’s Bolero, who could ask for better? (AP Photo/Oded Balilty via Faded Youth)

Honestly, had the same crowd simply been told that they were going to see the newest line from Salvador Dali, I would wager that the response would’ve been much more positve. HA!