Man passes stolen cubic zirconia

A suspect accused of stealing a diamond and then swallowing it to hide the evidence has finally passed it, but it wasn’t a real diamond, WDIV in Detroit reported.

A court ordered Randy Griffin, 35, of Algonac, Mich., to take medicine to help him pass the diamonds. Griffin passed the stone Thursday, but it was a cubic zirconia, according to the Macomb County Jail.

At one point, Griffin was ordered to pay for surgery to remove the diamond. The judge said that he would only do that if Griffin was in danger.

Griffin is accused of taking two diamonds worth several thousand dollars from the Jewelry Exchange in Roseville, Mich. on Dec. 30. The suspect managed to escape, but when officers caught up with him they said that he swallowed at least one of the diamonds.

Griffin underwent X-rays, which revealed a diamond-shaped object in his body. Investigators said that the man claimed the object was a button, then he said it was a fake diamond. He later allegedly told police that the object was one of the stolen diamonds, investigators said.

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