Man Arrested, Charged in Texas Jewelry Store Owner’s Murder

The Houston Police Department arrested a man on July 7 in
connection with a jewelry store robbery that left the store owner dead.

Houston Police arrested 23-year-old Anthony Lee Parks on murder charges at approximately
6 p.m. July 7.

Parks is accused of fatally shooting Java Gold Jewelry store
owner Mehmood Ghaznavi, 52, during an attempted robbery on July 5. Parks and
Ghaznavi exchanged gunfire. Ghaznavi suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the
chest, after which Parks allegedly fled the store.

Another male, said not to be involved in the robbery, also
suffered a gunshot wound and is expected to recover. 

Parks is waiting to be charged at Houston Police Department
Central Jail. Bond has not been set.

Ghaznavi had been the victim of crime before. In April 2010,
he was assaulted by two men trying to rob his store.