Favorite Things: Lucky Charms and Talismans

So often jewelry is worn not only for its beauty but also because of the way it makes us feel. Sometimes it makes us feel pretty—I challenge anyone to not feel like Elizabeth Taylor in a pair of sparkling diamond earrings. Other times, it makes us feel loved—that wedding band, a heart locket concealing a photo of a child. Sometimes, it makes us feel lucky.

There are obvious lucky charms: a horseshoe, a clover. Then there are the pieces that feel lucky on a more intimate level—a particular pendant that was worn on a very good day suddenly becomes your lucky charm. There are talismans, like the evil eye, worn to ward off the insidious thoughts of a jealous onlooker—a mark of protection.

Polly Wales diamond padlock necklace
Padlock necklace in yellow gold with 1.49 cts. t.w. diamonds, $7,840; Polly Wales
Foundrae Wholeness collection necklace
Wholeness collection necklace in 18k yellow gold, price on request; Foundrae

Initial and name jewelry, while not necessarily formal lucky charms, contain so much meaning. I wear a simple “E” pendant for my daughter (as well as a single stud earring), and it is one of the most important pieces I own—to take it off would feel very unlucky, indeed.

Zoe Chicco Mantra necklace
Mantra bar chain necklace in 14k yellow gold, $455; Zoë Chicco
Shy Creation evil eye ring
Evil eye ring in 14k yellow gold with turquoise, sapphires, and diamonds, $600; Shy Creation
Jacquie Aiche eye necklace
Inlay eye necklace in 14k rose gold with malachite, turquoise, and diamonds, $5,375; Jacquie Aiche

At a time when we’re layering our pendants and stacking our rings, these types of icons in jewelry feel more popular than ever. It’s a bit like amassing a modern charm bracelet—minus the charms and the bracelet (though charm bracelets feel on the verge of an uptick, if due only to some of my favorite jewelry Instagram accounts showcasing theirs from time to time).

Ariel Gordon Zodiac dog tag necklace
Zodiac dog tag necklace in 14k yellow gold, $925; Ariel Gordon
Nora Kogan Je T'aime ring
Je T’aime ring in 14k yellow gold, $415; Nora Kogan
Andrea Fohrman enamel initial necklace
Initial necklace in 18k yellow gold with enamel and 0.18 ct. t.w. diamonds, $3,150; Andrea Fohrman

As the holidays fast approach (that’s right, I said it!), I feel that styles like these will be vital to your store, particularly in “collectible” form (tiny pendants, stacking rings). If the price is right, these would make the best gifts for shoppers playing Santa to their older children, siblings, friends, lovers—I mean, anyone can appreciate at least one piece on this list, if not all.

Suneera925 evil eye emerald bracelet
Evil eye bracelet in sterling silver with emerald, $805; .925Suneera

So now is the time to start making your list and checking it twice (I’ll save you from the rest of my holiday season references because I have a ton, and I’ll need to use them in the near future). Styles like these are the stocking stuffers to stuff your store’s stock with right this moment.

Nomination Seimia necklace
Seimia collection necklace in sterling silver with CZ, price on request; Nomination Italy

Top: Charms necklace in yellow gold with 0.29 ct. t.w. sapphires and 0.4 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,695; KC Designs

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