London, Ontario, Jeweler Drives Customers Wild

Retail jewelers have come up with a lot of creative ways to show their top customers how much they appreciate their business. But Colin Nash, marketing director for Nash Jewellers, gets extra points for his race car and professional go-kart customer appreciation day. Nash was so enthralled with the experience, the one-day event has lead to a professional go-kart racing series sponsorship for the London, Ontario, jeweler. 

It all started earlier this year when Nash was helping a couple with their engagement ring and wedding band purchases. Early on in the sales presentation, Nash discovered that Jonathan Urlin travels throughout North America test-driving Porsche race cars and owns his own company, Urlin Motorsports.

One of the main services Urlin’s company offers is Track Days, which gives companies the opportunity to hold team-building or customer appreciation events on race tracks driving Porsche race cars and professional go-karts. In August, Nash held his first such customer appreciation event. 

The racing day consisted of driving several different Porsche race cars, such as a 911 C4S Cabriolet, from a raceway near a local airport to Urlin’s racetrack. Upon arrival, Nash Jeweller customers could also have the chance to drive a professional go kart that can reach speeds of 60 mph.  

“Customers loved it and were literally blown away,” says Nash.

 Customers Derek Hardman, John McColl, and Jeff McColl enjoyed a go kart ride

Customers Derek Hardman, John McColl, and Jeff McColl enjoyed a go-kart ride 

Nash liked the customer appreciation outing so much, that when Urlin approached him with a racing series sponsorship proposal shortly after it, he jumped at the opportunity. For annual sponsorship fee of $5,000, Nash can have access to the go-kart racing fleet of 10 twice a month. 

The sponsorship also gives Nash a heavily promoted go kart to compete in the go kart racing series. Like most racing sports, Nash Jewellers’ logo, and those of the store’s strategic vendor partners, is visible on every conceivable surface of the go-kart. 

Nash Jewellers’ go kart

Nash Jewellers’ go kart.

At this stage, Nash’s professional go-kart sponsorship marketing is in its infancy as Urlin is tirelessly working to get the sport some much-needed traction in Southern Canada. 

Until then, Nash has continued access to professional go-karts, which are now a customer appreciation day staple for Nash Jewellers. 

JCK News Director