LJW Launches Brand Platform

Leading Jewelers of the World introduced a multi-tiered brand positioning program for the Association during JCK Las Vegas 2008. The marketing elements of the program, which were presented to key members of the industry during the show, represent the starting point in the repositioning of Leading Jewelers.

Core elements of the program include a redesigned Trustmark, “The Mark of Distinction,” a new LJW Pledge to be adopted by LJW Honoree and presented in-store, a new multi-element advertising campaign, a new Web site, and new POS signage and materials.

“All of us involved with this new initiative are very excited about the opportunity that it offers select retail jewelers who want to differentiate themselves in their respective markets,” Michael Barlerin, the group’s recently appointed executive director. “Becoming a Leading Jeweler of the World Honoree, and maintaining that designation on an annual basis, will provide significant benefits to a retailer.” 

He added, “Many of our industry’s associations, service providers, and buying groups are trying to develop their respective ‘brands.’  Several are attempting to introduce a consumer communication element into their programs. To the best of my knowledge, Leading Jewelers of the World and its Trustmark is the only organization for which the consumer, and consequently consumer communication, is the essence of its brand.” 

Leading Jewelers of the World is owned by LJOW Holdings, LLC.

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