Live From Vicenzaoro

The Vicenzaoro First jewelry fair opened on Sunday, and styles and price points by and large reflect a depressed global economy. To that end, inexpensive quartz (particularly lemon) and and ‘ice’ diamonds—low-quality and highly included natural stones—are abundant.

Trend: Ice Diamonds 


Paola Piovan Gioielli

Hellmuth Simply Good

Trend: Quartz 

Seemingly shattered interiors of quartz stones are the result of heating. Oro Trend 

Fancy cuts of lemon quartz. Oro Trend

Lemon quartz set over diamonds. Leaderline for the Blue White Group

Other collections speak to conservative mindsets as well. Cute and understated motifs like apples, origami, and more, in 18k gold and sterling silver offer consumers a precious treat for as little as $80. 

Trend: Cheap Chic 

Sterling silver and vermeil start at $80 retail. Origami Jewellery 

Birds, feathers, apples, and carved amber in sterling silver and 18k gold; silver starts at $107 and gold pieces at $415. Nina Ricci for Stahl 

The Bamboo collection is made of 18k gold and starts at $600. Hellmuth Simply Good

Trend: Freeform Shapes 

The iridescent colors evident in these sterling silver rings are the result of heating; retail prices start at $500. Some feature diamonds. These pieces were new as of fall 2008, and, according to the company, are already being sold by one U.S. jewelry retailer. Eibi for Leaderline and the Blue White Group 

Keshi pearl earrings. JJ Jewels for the Blue White Group 

Keshi pearls and diamonds in 18k gold . JJ Jewels for the Blue White Group 

Diamonds and 18k gold look woven into bracelet form. JJ Jewels for the Blue White Group 

Diamonds, quartz, and rubies in one earring are set in 18k gold. JJ Jewels for the Blue White Group 

One-of-a-kind opals are set into 18k gold as rings. Aqa

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