Live from Vicenzaoro First: The Americans Weigh In


I caught up with several Americans at the Vicenzaoro First show today and got their opinions on the fair. Just one of my interviewees was a retailer, and I didn’t see any others though that doesn’t mean they weren’t there. Most of the manufacturers I spoke with said they walked the show to do their own macro-trend spotting in order to translate styles for the American market. A Clover II Corp. and Zale executive noted the strong presence of color at the show.

Lester Friedlander, Clover II Corp., and Carrie Beckerich, Zale Corporation

“[This show] is all about color in metals, stones, enamel, and it’s about pastels,” said Carrie Beckerich, vice president and divisional merchandise manager, Zale Corporation. “It’s a fresh new direction.” 

Adds Lester Friedlander, president, Clover II Corp.: “[Italian gold jewelry] used to be about texture and shapes and chains, but now they are putting pearls and color in pieces and are using new shapes like checkerboard cuts.” To illustrate his point, Friedlander pointed to a lemon quartz ring in a nearby case which featured a checkerboard cut and a gold and gem-set accent underneath the center stone. 

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