Live From Centurion: Gurhan, Mouawad, Penny Preville, Plus Gem Shows


I have just a few other observations from the Centurion show, which ended today. Gurhan Orhan is a prolific designer, Mouawad has some fun, inexpensive new watches, and Penny Preville’s new bridal jewelry is pretty and inspired by some important women in her life.


It seems that every time I see Gurhan at a show, he’s got several new lines—not just additions to existing lines. This time, he unveiled four: Satsuma (antique Japanese hand-painted porcelain in 24k gold), Lace caps (black spinel, among other stones, finished off with lacy 24k gold caps NO PICS, sorry), Periwinkle (peridot, diamonds, and tanzanite in 24k gold), and watermelon tourmaline set in 24k gold. These start at retail at $2,000 for Satsuma, $1,400 for Periwinkle, and $2,300 for tourmaline (sorry, I failed to get a price for the Lace Caps). Gurhan also added a number of pieces to his two-year-old pure silver line, which is made with the same techniques as his signature 24k gold pieces. As you might recall, this line features some of his best-selling gold styles but in silver. Prices for this line start at $500 retail, and the bangles with colored stones shown each retail for $525. 

Satsuma collection


Watermelon tourmaline

Pure silver bangles with gems retail for $525 each.


Mouawad typically has a number of impressive new pieces. The firm’s black and white line is nice, and the men’s line has a familiar but still-cool style, but it is Mouawad’s low-cost steel watches with brightly colored straps that I consider to be the highlight of their newest work. The watches start at $195 retail, and are a collaborative effort between Mouawad and rapper Jermaine Dupri, according to a company spokesperson. The sterling men’s line, with big crosses, curb chains, and dog tags, features onyx and lapis, and starts at $225. 

Mouawad men’s line


Meanwhile, sweet Penny Preville (meet her, and you’ll know what I mean; she’s SO gracious) conducted a soft-launch of her new bridal line. The official launch happens during JCK Las Vegas 2009. The mountings are made of 18k yellow, white, and rose gold, or platinum, and each style bears the name of a woman from Preville’s life. For example, the first style she created is the Mara because that is the name of her daughter-in-law, for whom she made an engagement ring. Pieces start at $2,000. 


Penny also unveiled three new fashion lines: Amulet, Healing Stone, and Hercules. All are 18k gold. Amulet is about symbols and stones signifying protection, while Healing Stone aims to do just that—make you feel good through reading the positive messages like ‘love’ engraved onto pieces. Then Hercules is about … anyone, anyone? You guessed it—strength. This is evident in the line’s knot motif and inscribed phrase ‘unbreakable bond’ inside each piece. Prices for all lines start at $2,000.

Amulet and Healing Stone



I also walked some of the AGTA gem shows today. However, I’m not posting any of those pics online. This is because I only had one day to tour these shows this year, which was just enough time to find new material for my annual Tightwad’s Tour of Tucson. Please check out the May or June issue of JCK magazine to see these new inexpensive treasures. You can subscribe online. 


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know some of the places I visited today and materials I saw. If not, here’s the summary of one-sentence updates that I posted throughout the day. In these observations, I tip off fellow gem shoppers to good deals that I spy in various locations and interesting remarks made by peers.

From Twitter/Facebook: Jennifer …
* Heard Bill Gangi talk about great buying opportunities in 2009: Sugalite, was $200 ct now $20, Gangi’s $$ down 20 percent. 
* Heard Jack Lynch say there isn’t much new in pearls bc of a backlog of merchandise.
* Sees cute beads fashioned out of chips and sewn into bead form for $12 and $50 per bead at RMC 1232 in GJX. 
* Says go see Benny and Ken at Alebelle, Gem Mall 2305, nice beads, ridiculously low prices. 
* Heard Raj Agrawal, Sumit Gems, 1410 Gem Mall, say that his 10 ct. black diamond bead strands are selling really well at $300 per strand.


After a quick stop at the Holidome tomorrow morning, I head home to Philadelphia. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week, and try not to return home without buying a little something (my treats are below).  


3.15 ct. t.w. ruby, Colombin Stone, GJX 2910, $25 per carat


25 ct. t.w. rutilated quartz, Vista Gems, Riverpark Inn (Pueblo Inn) CP 111, 124 & 131, $3 per carat


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