Live from Brazil: 50 New Jewelry Pictures!!


It’s the last day of the Feninjer show (Tuesday), so I will leave you with some more images of new designs. Of all the jewelry I saw this week, a few trends are evident: Indian-inspired designs (thanks to widely viewed Brazilian television soap operas that are filmed in India) and diamond pave jewelry are growing in popularity among Brazilian consumers. For the U.S. market, traditional Brazilian styles—those with movement, unusual cuts of gemstones, and large gemstone pieces—reign in popularity. Finally, more international visitors—from Europe, the U.S., Central America—are visiting the Feninjer fair. All jewelry shown is 18k gold. Booths were jam-packed with buyers this week, and nearly every firm I spoke to claimed to have a great show in terms of sales.


I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week, and I’ll revisit the blog again soon from New York. Obrigada—thank you for travelling with me to Brazil this week. Tchau!


Forum Romana

Nuances collection features pinks and purples for a Starting Retail Price (SRP) of $1,000

Additional pieces featuring quartz and tsavorite

Onyx, diamaonds, and white quartz


Castle collection features large, lightweight designs, SRP $1,200


Bird is the word for diamond pave!



New Delhi collection is inspired by India (collection was actually unveiled in August 2008), SRP $2,400

For such large earrings, the post-and-hinge backing is quite secure

Filigree collection, SRP $4,500

Audrey collection (more expensive because it features VS diamonds) SRP $40,000


Brazil Imports
/Brazil Exports Gems


Flat stones—called doublefaced, according to the company—weigh less (and cost less) than thicker cuts. Elongated stones are also selling well, in Brazil and the States.


Here are the 15 different colors of quartz mined in Brazil. All are about $2 per carat except for green amethyst.


New for this show is the Brazil cut, which is exactly what the name suggests: the country cut into stone. The cost per carat for such a creation is $10 per carat, and the piece shown is 31.5 cts. t.w.

Colorless and white quartz is also evident in many creations here at the show.




Pierrot collection, inspired by a character from the Brazilian carnivale who seeks his soulmate; stones are irregularly cut as well as translucent and opague to suggest that opposites attract, SRP $600

Citta collection, inspired by modern-day Brazil, including the clean lines of modern architecture, SRP $4,000

Karla Antunes of Vianna modelling the Identity collection, inspired by the soul of Brazil (movement, color, layers), SRP $2,000

Vianna Lux collection, very high-quality stones, including gem-quality rhodocrosite and morganite, SRP $6,000

Pents collection, black and brown as a color combination, SRP $2,000

Movement collection, SRP $2,000



Maitan collection, diamonds set in rose or yellow gold, intended for evening wear, $2,000

Looping collection, inspired by circles and features H color VS1 diamonds, intended for daily wear, SRP $1,500

Looping Shine collection, topaz and diamonds in rose gold only, SRP $2,000

Who doesn’t love a really sturdy post-and-hinge back? This is well made.

Mumbai Lavanda collection, inspired by infinity symbol, all rose gold with rhodolite garnet, topaz, and diamonds, SRP $2,000

Candy Savana, white or yellow gold with champagne diamonds, green amethyst, SRP $2,500

Candy Terracotta, inspiration is candy and the color of sand, pink and brown stones in yellow or white gold, SRP $2,000

Candy collection, all blute topaz in white gold, SRP $2,500

Evora Sunny collection (ever sunny, thus citrines in yellow gold) SRP $3,000



No completely new collections, just add-ons to existing looks, SRP $1,000




Indian Spice collection, inspired by Brazilian soap operas that are filmed in India, SRP $2,600

Diamond collection, created to appeal to Brazilian jewelry storeowners who might otherwise buy a similar look from overseas, pieces look very thin but the company maintains that their manufacturing processes ensure durability, SRP $600

This is where Preziose gets really interesting! 

Mechanical or convertible pieces, including a ring/bracelet and ring/earring combination, were unveiled in 2007 but haven’t been widely marketed or publicized. 

These pieces are truly innovative, easy to convert from one style to another, and are really cute. SRP $1,400


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