Live from Baselworld: Chopard’s Jewel-Feathered Friend

When the media and buyers alike gushed over polar bear–motif
rings and schools of fish in bracelets in Chopard’s Animal World Collection,
launched at Baselworld 2010 to commemorate the brand’s 150th anniversary, the Swiss jeweler/watchmaker didn’t want those accolades to
end just because the show did. So at this year’s fair, a few more animals appeared in
the menagerie. One in particular has already caught buyers’ eyes, but unlike
last year’s favorites, it lacks a diamond-studded “fur coat” and
sapphire-intense “scales.” Meet Chopard’s one-of-a-kind Duck ring, inspired by pool-toy

Unlike its plastic counterparts, Chopard’s Duck is crafted in 18k yellow
gold and feathered with 10.96 cts. t.w. yellow diamonds. Perky orange
sapphires outline the beak, and two blue sapphire cabochons dot the eyes.

Chopard Duck ring

See the little gold knob on the rear of the inner tube? It
captures the imaginary air used to inflate it. And the tube
itself—just like in action—swivels (though this one on a fixed golden axis
instead of a free-flowing bed of water).

To further the pool-toy illusion, a blue titanium
shank—favored for its light weight and strength—anchors the piece with the help
of would-be gravel: lazulite, amethyst, and Paraiba tourmaline. Meanwhile, a
15.09 ct. blue topaz serves as a watery center—welling up inside the pool
float—with a continuation of the band and its pebbly pool bottom-like
assortment of stones set underneath.

Though the piece itself is sure to inspire daydreams of
lazy summer days, inquiries about the price will certainly awaken admirers from pleasant pool-side
fantasies: it’s upon request only.


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