Leviev, After Dark

Once the lights went down on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, LEVIEV was there to light up theDirector’s Council of the Museum of the City of New York’s event, “New York After Dark,” held on Monday, September 24, at the The Bryant Park Grill.

LEVIEV was gracious enough to bathe the upper echelon of New York City society in diamonds for the evening.

Let’s have a look at how the other half lives, shall we? 

(Photos by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images via ViewImages.com)

Olivia Chantecaille in diamond and south sea pearl earrings.
4 cts. t.w.

Amy Fine Collins in diamond tassel earrings and necklace set.
140.62 cts. t.w.

Christina Greeven Cuomo in diamond chandelier rose-cut earrings, two diamond bracelets, and diamond necklace.
92.3 cts. t.w.

Zani Gugelmann in diamond brilliant-cut earrings and bracelet.
24.81 cts. t.w.

Celerie Kemble in white and fancy intense yellow diamond earrings, bracelet, and ring.
50.25 cts. t.w.

Cynthia Lufkin in Russian Candy necklace and bracelet set, made of white diamonds and natural colored sapphires, and diamond ring featuring a pink diamond.
109.05 cts. t.w.

Heather Mnuchin in diamond earrings and bracelet.
43.32 cts. t.w.

Olivia Palmero in diamond earrings, bracelet, and exceptional white and fancy yellow diamond ring.
28.23 cts. t.w.

All together, the women (some are not shown here) donned 700 carats of diamonds, worth over $6 million or a paltry trust fund, but who’s counting? HA!