Let’s face it! It’s Facebook

Jewelers should be using Facebook as a social media technology to combine social interaction to create or co-create enhanced customer value. Approaches to successful use of Facebook require well defined strategies with measurable marketing goals. Social media is any form of online publication or presence that enables end users to engage in multi-directional conversations in or around the content on the website. Any retail jeweler with a website should have a Facebook marketing site and strategies to utilize Facebook as a channel to enhance their online shopping experience and acquire more customers.

E-commerce transactions can be generated through Facebook. Jewelers can launch a storefront on Facebook using several different third-party applications. Most of these applications can provide administrative features integrated into Facebook to manage your storefront, sales, and inventory.  The key to Facebook is to get your customers to interact and offer referrals. Your jewelry store needs to be exposed to online fashion marketplaces that bring social commerce to the masses. Use Facebook to create user recommendations from people your customers may already know.

Start building your audience on Facebook now! Facebook has proven that affluent audiences want to participate. Porsche just announced 1,000,000 Facebook fans. Porche designed a special car just to accentuate their Facebook milestone.

Consider how your jewelry store can create media opportunities by announcing your own Facebook accomplishments. What special jewelry offerings might you promote? Facebook a is fantastic opportunity for jewelry stores to get their loyal customers more involved. Leverage your brand by letting your real fans tell the world about your store, brand and jewelry offerings! Do a search of jewelry stores on Facebook. You will see some very good examples.

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