Launched in Las Vegas: Lili’s New Finished Line of Meteor-Cut Diamond Bands

Last year Lili Jewelry debuted the Meteor diamond cut; and this year it’s offering retailers a selection of bands set with the 71-facet, 10-side stone. While retailers have been able to sell the stones loose to consumers, Lili’s Chaim Lazarus told JCK at the LUXURY show that retailers were asking for a selection of finished goods from the source of the stones. To accommodate, Lili debuted platinum eternity bands ranging in retail price from $5,000 to $12,000 at the show. All are made in the United States and can be shipped overnight to stores; plus, they offer consumers a bigger and better stone quality look for the money because of way Meteor rocks are cut. Possible trend alert: “More women are getting engaged with diamond eternity bands,” says Lazarus.

Ed. note: Eternity band images weren’t available at the show.

Lili Meteor-cut diamond jewelry

Picture these Meteor-cut diamonds in a band instead of this bracelet. The bands were so new that pictures weren’t available at the show.