Kimberley Process Meeting Held at State Department

Leaders of the U.S. diamond and jewelry sectors attended a meeting at the State Department in Washington, D.C., Tuesday to discuss the Kimberley Process, in advance of November’s KP plenary meeting in Jerusalem, Israel.

Dominating the meeting’s agenda was U.S. policy concerning Kimberley Process-certified rough diamond exports from Zimbabwe, and possible KP reforms.  

“The degree to which the current U.S. administration is engaged in the Kimberley Process is most evident,” said Moshe Mosbacher, president of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York, following the meeting. “Assistant Secretary of State Jose Fernandez is planning to attend the KP Plenary in Jerusalem, and that will be the highest level U.S representation at such an event since the very early days of the Kimberley Process.”

Mosbacher continued: “The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is the most effective means available for preventing the infiltration of conflict diamonds into the legitimate chain of distribution, and it needs to be defended steadfastly. If this is done properly, consumer confidence in diamond jewelry will remain high, and revenues from rough diamond exports will serve to support the development of communities in the regions where diamonds are mined.”

JCK News Director