Kick It!

Here’s an accessory for all those looking to dress up their “I only wear it when I do laundry, or walk the dog, I swear” hoodie …

These fun end of lace tag-ons are from a company, Alanis-ly enough, called ENDS. They come in styles for your hoodies and shoes, though I’m sure anything that makes use of a standard lace could be gussied up by the 18k yellow/ black gold and white/black diamond ENDS. 

(Photo Source)

The new brand aims to change the way hoodies, shoes, sneakers, etc. are worn, so came up with the subtly stylish and posh shoelace jewelries. The ENDS debut collection features intricately-made pieces in 18k black gold with black diamonds and 24k yellow gold with white diamonds and white diamond bridal.

ENDS adds glitter to finer shops this month. (Source)