Kate Winslet Codesigned a Watch for Charity

Kate Winslet is no mere brand ambassador for Longines. The Oscar-winning actress’ proper title with the Swiss watchmaker is Ambassador of Elegance—which might come off as a touch haughty if it wasn’t, you know, the very gorgeous and very English Kate Winslet.

The actress, alongside Longines, is using her star power to raise money for the Golden Hat Foundation, a charity she cofounded that strives to change the way people on the autism spectrum are perceived.

On June 10, in Longines’ boutique in Paris, Winslet and representatives from Longines presented a watch they codesigned: the Flagship Heritage by Kate Winslet. It was then announced that three of the limited-edition timepieces would be auctioned online to benefit Winslet’s foundation.


Kate Winslet watch back with signature and sailing ship
Design with Kate Winslet signature


Kate Winslet–designed watch in display box

The auction will be live online through June 30. At press time, all three timepieces had earned bids just over $25,000.

According to a company statement, here’s how the codesigning process with Winslet went down: “During a visit to the brand’s headquarters in Switzerland last year, the actress chose the dial, the case, and strap of the watch.”

In the same statement, Winslet said, “The style of the model really appealed to me, and I instantly fell in love with it…This project with Longines is helping raise awareness about a particular cause dear to my heart.”

If any of the three timepieces remain post-auction (which doesn’t look like it will be the case), the company said the first one will be presented to Winslet and the second will be kept in the Longines museum at the brand’s headquarters in Saint-Imier, Switzerland.

(Images courtesy of Longines)

JCK Magazine Editor