JVC to host an open board meeting at JA NY Show in July

Emphasizing the need for jewelry retailers and manufacturers to be aware of the policy and compliance topics that have been addressed by JVC in the last year, Cecilia L. Gardner, executive director and general counsel for the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, has opened JVC’s next board of directors meeting to JA NY Show attendees. The Board meeting will take place Tuesday, July 29, from 10-11 a.m., at the Jacob Javits Center, Room 1E02.

For more information, visit JVC’s Web site: www.jvclegal.org, or call 212-997-2002.

“JVC represents the collective voice of the jewelry industry and has been very active on matters that must be addressed by every jeweler in the U.S.,” Gardner said. “Recently, JVC communicated the industry’s needs to Congress concerning new legislation on the trading of rough stones over international borders (Kimberley Process) and preventing money laundering schemes (USA PATRIOTS Act). As these laws are being implemented, JVC is actively helping the industry comply with new rules and regulations the government is closely monitoring,” Gardner said.

She added: “Jewelry industry members need to know how to comply with new laws and regulations affecting daily business practices. As the sole legal association in the jewelry community, we set high ethical standards to safeguard the integrity of the industry. We educate jewelry industry members about the laws that apply to their businesses, as well as represent our industry before government agencies that make the laws.”

Additional topics on the Board’s agenda include: * New programs, including Jewelry Appraisal Basics, Retail Law & Successful Selling Practices
* Seminar and future programs
* Compliance counseling on USA PATRIOTS Act
* Legal issues (trademark oppositions)