JVC Publishes ‘Quick Reference Guide’

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee announced June 17 the publication of a “Quick Reference Guide” for manufacturers and sellers of jewelry made of combinations of gold and silver.  The new publication supplements JVC’s “Essential Guide to the U.S. Trade in Advertising Gold and Silver Jewelry.”

The new publication provides additional guidance in a quick reference format to address accurate advertising and stamping of jewelry where the gold is either partially covered with karat gold (visually distinguishable), or where the gold fully covers the base (visually indistinguishable).

The new “Quick Reference Guide” includes: examples of advertising, proper stamping, exemptions and a glossary defining and identifying products that comply with this standard. 

A PDF-file of both guides can be found on JVC’s website. Industry members can contact Jo-Ann Sperano, JVC’s paralegal/mediator and precious metals industry expert, with questions at joann@jvclegal.org. Jewelers wishing to order multiple copies of JVC’s new “Quick Reference Guide” and/or “The Essential Guide” can contact Jeff Mercado, JVC’s membership services director, jeff@jvclegal.org for pricing. 

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