Just For Men: Corrupt Design Launches a Silver Line

New York City–based Corrupt Design—known for its statement
styles in 18k gold featuring an edgy, urban sensibility (think graffiti
influences) and bold cuts of colored stones—has unveiled a men’s line. Made in
Argentium silver, the collection comprises 22 pieces, including cuff links,
bracelets, rings, and even a lighter case, and features colored stones like smoky
and rutilated quartz, citrine, chrysophrase, and lapis, as well as colorless
and brown diamonds. Designs take inspiration from those in the high-end
original collection in gold and diamonds, “but are done in a clean modern and
masculine way,” says owner Michael Bruder.

“It’s our first dedicated men’s line,” he says. “We’ve done
unisex pieces before, as well as some styles in gold for men, but this is the
first time we’ve made a complete collection for men.”

Prices range from $300 to $1,500, with the average for a
sterling ring totaling $550, and the sum for a sterling and stone piece selling
for about $950. The original Corrupt Design line launched in the United States five
years ago, and Bruder has been selling significant pieces—like a cuff containing
a half-pound of gold—in the Middle East as well as in the western U.S. The line is ready to ship now.


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