JSA: Diamond Firms Receive Suspicious Letters

The Jewelers’ Security Alliance said some New York diamond firms received suspicious overtures from alleged independent private jewelers seeking a diamond supplier.

One of the diamond firms received at least five letters with nearly identical wording within just a few days signed by five different individuals in different U.S. cities: Canton, NY; Shreveport, La., Dousman, Wisc., Pensacola, Fla., and Chicago.

The alleged independent jewelers ask for a current inventory list, and ask for any application required to begin a business relationship, JSA said in its “Crime Alert” electronic newsletter. The independent jewelers also offer to sell goods that they have bought from local clients.

“Neither of the NY firms intends to respond, and have asked JSA to bring these unusual letters to the attention of the industry,” JSA said.

JSA says it is important “not to let down one’s guard regarding possible fraudulent approaches from unknown and unsolicited customers.”