Joan Parker Jumps the Fence

Well, I hadn’t really intended this to be synthetics week – I’ve already written posts here and here – but this morning brings news that Joan Parker, who for 25 years headed the Diamond Information Center, De Beers U.S. PR arm, and then worked for the De Beers retail chain – is joining Gemesis Cultured Diamonds as a “brand ambassador.” It’s safe to say that this is one of the most ironic career moves ever.

This is interesting – up until now, the lab-grown people have had plenty of publicity, from Wired to 60 Minutes, on and on. What they haven’t had is a lot of diamonds. Is this a sign that Gemesis — a ten-year-old company at this point — is also getting its act together and will amp up production?  (Unlike Apollo, it should be noted that Gemesis creates fancy-colored stones, which have been in the market, albeit in small amounts, for some time.)  

Anyway, congrats Joan … I hope to speak to her soon.  More fully formed thoughts on lab-grown diamonds here.

UPDATE: Hedda seems to score the first interview with Joan here.

JCK News Director