JNet’s redesigned Web site offers new options

JNet.com recently revised and updated its Web site to include a new design and additional features.

New features include links to industry resources, a trade show calendar, and up-to-date industry news. The site is also now more interactive and easier to navigate.

In addition, the JNet Web site building program for members of Jewelers of America (JA) and Manfacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America (MJSA), now offers more choices for participating jewelers. Using JNet, JA and MJSA members can build and customize Web sites as part of their overall marketing strategy for their businesses.

“Consumers are increasingly using the Internet to shop for merchandise,” says JA President and CEO Matthew A. Runci. “Even those who eventually buy from traditional, brick-and-mortar stores often research products and sellers before eventually making a purchase. JNet provides a marketplace advantage by helping jewelers establish themselves on the Internet and conduct e-commerce.”

JNet users can choose the level of participation with which they are comfortable:

* JNet users can create a basic Web site with their contact information and consumer-targeted jewelry content developed by JA. Setting up a basic Web site through JNet is absolutely free to JA and MJSA members, and can be done in a few, simple steps.

* If they wish, JNet users can proceed further, for a fee, by creating an enhanced Web site with additional informational content of their own creation. Jewelers can get their own domain name and have it attached to their site.

* Members can use JNet to create a basic catalog, displaying up to twenty products. This option is available only to JA retailers. (All other options are open to members of both JA and MJSA.)

* The most advanced option for JNet users is the enhanced catalog site, which allows jewelers to build an unlimited product catalog with the ability to conduct e-commerce.

For all options, JNet users can choose from 16 different Web site templates, including 10 new designs. Participants also receive one email account and site hosting from JNet.

Recent upgrades have now made JNet’s e-commerce system easier to use for both buyers and sellers. The e-commerce catalogs will also soon be searchable through major search engines including Yahoo!, MSN, InfoSpace, Lycos, AltaVista, and Netscape.

JNet representatives are available by phone and email to provide technical support. There is also support available in the form of “Rick Ruby,” an online character that helps make the JNet experience user-friendly. Rick Ruby guides JNet users through the step-by-step process of creating and customizing Web sites.

JNet’s Web site building program is only available to members of Jewelers of America and Manfacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America.

Additional information can be found at www.jnet.com, or by contacting JNet Operations Director John W. Davis at 800-223-0673 or john@jewelofam.org. JA membership information is available at 800-223-0673 or www.jewelers.org. MJSA membership information is available at 800-444-6572 or mailto:www.mjsainc.org.